Asthma is a serious condition that leads to the development of severe issues when it comes to breathing and lungs problems. The passage which takes the oxygen to our lungs gets blocked and results in inflammation that develops the condition of asthma. The condition of asthma could be very serious sometimes, since there is no flow of air and at the same time the chest tightens that causes extreme cough and serious shortness of breath at the same time. This disease has no limit and may be caused at any point in life, even children at a young age tend to develop this condition and once it gets through it becomes much difficult to get rid of it.

Despite of the fact that there are numerous treatments and medications associated with the condition of asthma a number of people are still rushed to the hospitals in emergency and many times the condition could be fatal as well. Therefore, taking care and precautions the moment you get to observe asthma signs is a must to save ones life.

How Is Asthma Caused?[i]

There are numerous ways which may lead to the possible asthma causes but at the same time in many instances it may be hereditary, sometimes it occurs due to the weather conditions and much more. However, the three main causes that lead to asthma condition may include the following:

  • Blockage of Airways

When a person breathes in the normal condition, the bands and muscles in the airways are relaxed, however sometimes due to flu, cold, allergies and viral infections at many instances the airways might swollen and this leads to lack of freedom to the passing of air leading to the blockage of air and therefore it becomes difficult for the air to pass. This may cause shortness of breath and loss of air to pass leads to the development of asthmatic conditions.

  • Development of Regular Inflammation

Inflammation is pretty much common among people these days it may happen when a person eats lots of junk or spicy food or sometimes it is the acidity that may cause inflammation. This inflammation in the airways may also cause swelling and redness which causes significant damage to the lungs and leads to worsening condition of asthma. People may develop asthma due to the inflammation and sometimes this inflammation may also lead to worsen the present asthmatic condition as well.

  • Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress is also one very common reason for the asthma to get triggered, people who take a lot of stress or have fear and anxiety associated with different events and occasions depending upon the different circumstances, asthma may develop as stress hits your brain and causes shortness of breath so being stressed is also pretty much not good for your health as well.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?[ii]

When it comes to dealing with the condition of asthma the most important thing is to have an eye on the asthma symptoms in the first place. The asthma symptoms could vary much but a few very common ones which do tend to trigger may include the following:

•     Suddenly caused coughing condition which could take place while you laugh or while you are exercising, it mostly happens at night time.

•     A sound of whistling to develop while you are sleeping and breathing at the same time.

•     Pressure caused on the chest when the tightness of the chest takes place due to the shortness of breath every now and then.

Treating Asthma[iii]

When it comes to considering the asthma treatments there could be numerous ways in which the treatment could take place, however a few such ways in which the asthma could be treated may comprise the following:

  • Exercise to Calm Your Chest

A number of people get their hands on some of the breathing exercise, these exercise reduce the swelling on the airway and the in and out travelling of air leads to the cleaning and opening of your muscles of the airway which reduces the symptom of the asthma.

  • Immediate Treatments to Calm the Breath

There are immediate treatments too that take place when it comes to the asthma conditions, a number of people tend to take inhalers and nebulizers in order to relieve the asthmatic conditions in order to provide a first aid technique to reduce the hassle of asthma. By way of different anti-inflammatory medications the pressure caused on the lungs due to the inflammation tends to reduce and so as the asthmatic conditions get to reduce.

  • Medications to Treat Asthma

There could be medications available over the counter for treatment of asthma and these medications may be used in the long term when the condition of the patient tends to get worsen with the asthmatic attacks.

Home Remedies to Treat Asthma[iv]

A number of people do not prefer having hands on the over the counter medicines and instead they prefer something associated with the home remedies, there are numerous home remedies which provide for a lot of ease in terms of managing asthma.

•     Coffee and tea soothes a number of people when it comes to asthma, people drink these caffeinated drinks and ease up your air passage which leads to releasing the stress on your lungs for a few hours, and so this could be something very soothing for a few hours.

•     Many people also consider using the essential oils for the purpose of treating asthma. These essential oils are good for inhaling like the eucalyptus oil helps relieving when it comes to asthma, people usually inhale it. On the other hand lavender oil also work wonders and help a number of people to reduce the asthma symptoms, however, for some people the smell could lead to worsening the condition.

•     Luke warm water with honey is also a solution to treat asthma as many people benefit from this as well, the water when transmits to the air passage helps comforting it and soothing it too.

Asthma is a very common condition nowadays but needs immediate treatment or else things could get troublesome if asthma is taken lightly since it could be fatal as well.