As the year changes every now and then the different aspects of the demands people may have in association with their lifestyles also tend to change. As the fashion in clothing and attires tend to change the trends to have hands on the luxury vehicles also keep on changing with new innovations and improvements being brought to the industry.

However, when we talk about having hands on the best luxury crossover automobiles we could have numerous options to opt for. A luxury crossover is a blend of SUV, sedan and a wagon, however all in all it is an improved and a better version of the automobile. In comparison to the other versions of vehicles, a crossover seems to have a heighted outlay in the exteriors design, spacious interiors to cater passengers more comfortably and the capabilities of the crossover are far better than that of sedan vehicles. The combination offered in the context of the crossover is always a perfect family vehicle which allows traveling in a better, convenient and comfortable manner as compared to the other kinds of automobiles and their categories. There are various crossovers to be chosen from but the ones that are going to take the toll in the year 2020 are featured here.

Jaguar I-Pace[i]

Anyone who is trying to find an excellent experience of driving a vehicle or even just traveling in vehicles that is up to the mark in all aspects then this Jaguar I- Pace is one of the best choices to go for. An exciting crossover that gives endless comfort and an inclined experience of driving is what this vehicle is made for. Ranging from its electronic grip on the roads and going to its 5 seater comfortable interior everything is splendid. The manufacturers always come up with new ideas and designs to feature and this vehicle is a new standard to set up in the year 2020  with its remarkable aspects.

The vehicle where offers a comfortable 5 passengers seating experience at the same time may be converted for cargo when the seats are being folded. The interiors always contain the required safety measures too with the relevant installation of parking sensors, rearview camera that works on the angle of 360 degrees and the cruise control steering wheel. The vehicle is also the first one in the series to be equipped with the Touch Pro Duo a complete infotainment system for the ease of the driver. Adjustment of the climate, navigation system and Bluetooth is another value adding benefit to enjoy in the vehicle. These electronic vehicles calls the coverage of 240 miles and with its eminent charging capabilities tends to reduce the carbon emissions which are featured when a person drives a fuel oriented vehicles. The benefits these days enjoyed with the electronic cars are pretty much seamless for the owner of the vehicles as well as for the entire environment as well.

2020 Porsche Cayenne[ii]

Porsche is the name in the luxury automobiles that no one may compete with however when we talk about what’s inn in the year 2020 by the automobile company the one name that turns out  to be the top rated and most luxurious crossover turns out to be none other than 2020 Porsche Cayenne. This vehicle is featured with three distinct engines being installed and one of its engine goes the speed and experience similar to that of a sports car, so yes you may convert your family crossover into sports car too whenever you want. This crossover allows settling up to 5 passengers in vehicles with a very comfortable and spacious area however the cargo space in this automobile is pretty less.

The interiors of the vehicles are of the top notch quality when we think of the different specifications of this beauty we may observe the navigation system, Apple CarPlay, hotspot, touch screen and 10 speaker audio systems. The infotainment of the vehicle is commendable. However, on the other hand the outlay and the design are also very compact and steady. The specifications also include a V6 turbocharged engine featuring the 335 horsepower, a V6 twin-turbo engine offering 434 horsepower and V8 twin-turbo with 548 horsepower.  The features of the security in this model are also very convenience oriented and with the complete surrounded camera, sensors for parking and moving and collision warnings, this vehicles has proven to be a massive choice to opt for.

2020 Acura RDX[iii]

2020 Acura RDX is the innovation of the year which has the perfectly finished engine that works far much better than its rivals and has a great smooth experience to offer to the buyers when it comes to driving. This vehicle is enriched with the comfortable seating arrangement and also follows the ultimate ease oriented specifications with a great driving experience. However, when we talk about the class the outlay says it all, the outer design of this vehicle is a glossy appeal in the black color which gives a seamless luxurious impact and the design is very decent and compact. However, this vehicle does lack in its cargo space but that is an ignorable feature to go for.

This automobile may handle up to five passengers and that too with a lot of space and comfort; on the other hand the latch connectors are also being provided to cater a child with safety. When it comes to catering the cargo in the usual state, the cargo space might get low but when you recline the seats and reduce the passenger seating area you may get a good amount of cargo to be catered. The other value adding featured like navigation, GPS, climate control, Apple CarPlay, speakers and much more may be featured in the outclass infotainment specifications being placed in the making. The driving experience in this vehicle is also pretty much commendable with its turbocharged four engines offering the speed of 272 horsepower. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is also commendable and saves about 22 mpg and 28 mpg in the city and the highway respectively.