Painting is the procedure of paint bid, color to a surface. With the help of brushes the medium is applied to the base, but other execution, such as sponge’s knives and air brushes may also be used.

In art the action’s result and the act both describes the painting. The surface such as paper, walls, wood, canvas, pottery, leaf are supporting for painting. But the painting many subsume many other materials such as clay, sand, paper, gold leaf, plaster and even whole objects.

In the visual arts it is a significant form, such as composition, gesture, drawing, narration and abstraction are bringing in elements. Painting language may be emotive, symbolistic and representational.

The art is dominant by religious art in several cultures. Examples of this painting represents mythological figures on poetry, to scenes from Buddha’s life and more.

Elements of painting:

There are some main elements of painting.

  1. Color and tune:

The combination of saturation, hue and value make color, the essence of painting is received by dispersing over a surface, as rhythm and pitch are the music’s essence. You make sure that color must by subjective and has absorbable psychological effects, no doubt they are different from one culture to another. In West black considered as mourning sign but white is considered in East.  Pigment are practically deal by painters. The meaning of color by psychological and symbolical are not entirely considered to be the means of painting. The perception of a painting is highly subjective, because they add to the potential, derived context of meanings.

Uncommon Elements:

Some different material such as sand, straw, leaves, wood, plastic, metal, cement are used by painters. Jean Dubuffet and Anselm Kiefer are the main example of this work.

Some artist using programs such as Photoshop, Core painter, Adobe and many others. The images on traditional canvas can be printed if required.


Rhythm is important as it is in music for some artist such as Piet Mondrian. There can be rhythm in painting as someone defines it as “A pause that is indulged into a sequence”.

The birth of abstract art was invented by music, as music is abstracted by nature because the exterior world did not represent it. But the expresses in inner feelings of the soul in an immediate way. Wassily Kandinsky adapted musical terminologies for his work, his spontaneous paintings are called as “improvisations” and elaborate work as “compositions”. Music is the ultimate teacher said by Kandinsky. On a brassy trumpet yellow is middle C’s color, black represent closure and the end of the things.


The oldest paintings were considered to be more than 30,000 years old, in France at Grotte Chauvet. They used red ochre and pigment in order to represent horse, rhinoceros, lion, mammoth and buffalo and abstract designs. In the Lubang Jeriji Saleh in Indonesia cave paintings were found and were believed to be 40,000 years old.

The major impact on painting was the invention of painting. The first photograph was produced in the decades after in 1829, the photographic procedure had been improved and practiced widely

Where to find a painter:

When you want to enhance the overall look of your house, new coat of paint must applied. If you want to save your time with the help of Supertasker, you must choose the best painters near you, the one-stop online place is a Supertasker to find an expert local painter without losing time. If you are searching for a professional, trusted and reliable painters, you must hiring a painter through Supertasker. You select your painter by just following three simple steps.

  1. Paste a clear description of task before post.
  2. Before ordering you must read multiple electricians reviewing offers.
  3. You must choose the person which is based on previous services and work history.

Some things you must know for hiring a painter.

  1. Time saving.
  2. safety
  3. quality
  4. speed
  5. Furniture moves.
  6. Clean the wall.

There are some different types of painters you can use.

  1. Mom-and- pop’s painting company.
  2. Small commercial company.
  3. Decoration/styling painting.

Cost of painter:

There are two main types of painters.

  1. Direct cost.
  2. Indirect cost.

Direct cost:

Paint, labor and gas are generally direct costs. When coming up with your own budget, the people usually thinks about that costs. These costs depends on paint kind and the place where you live can vary for example, if you are living in higher cost area you must pay higher in labor cost.

Indirect cost:

These cost are not directly tied up to your painting projects. For example, it contain the equipment monthly payment, overhead and benefits for the crew, work truck. It also have the rent of the contractor’s head-quarter and the utilities. The salary of secretary (support staff) is also added. Before receiving the first estimate people often forget about these points the cost become higher because of these unexpected indirect cost. You must need to know to expect on the estimate.

Expected Estimate:

Travel (if any charged), Materials, Time, Frame, labor, Paint. These things may be aggregate together. For example, if the painters cross your member out, it gives you an idea where your money going on. Make sure your final estimate is just like crystal-clear. That’s why how long it’s expected to take and what you’re paying for. You should always make your estimate upfront than later make changes in agreement later.

Some important questions for a Painter:

Below are some questions that you should ask your painter. This will help to know his expertise and his personality.

  1. How many year you been painting house?
  2. Are most of your crew is experienced?
  3. How time will it to take complete?
  4. If I want to see yours recently finished work, than how could I?
  5. Any guarantee or warranty?
  6. Do you use Rolls spray or brush?


These are just the points that help that help you to get started.


If you want to save your time and money in long run, you must hire a professional painter. Consider which is most necessary to you, you must take it in your cost, schedule and quality.