Seniors cell phone plan is designed for citizens above 55. These days seniors are tech-savvy than before and prefer to have their own cell phone. They feel more comfortable in making calls to their friends and family from their own cell phones. Cell phones companies are well known of this growing need and they have designed specific cell phones for older adults.

Benefits for the senior having senior cell phone plan:

Cell phone has become a necessary need for seniors these days. They can connect to friends and family from their private cell phones. Owning a private cell phone can assist them to call in case of any emergency or they can enjoy entertainment apps in free times. However owning a cell phone can enhance the living of a senior. Some other benefits are

  • Help to maintain social connections
  • It gives assistance in emergency
  • Provide peace of mind
  • They can monitor their everyday health
  • Unlimited entertainment options

Best cell phone plans for seniors with their cost:

These are the best companies that meet the need of seniors and numbers of seniors are relying on using these phones from past few years.

  1. T- mobile – best unlimited plan

Some mobile phone companies only give option for unlimited calls but T-Mobile gives special package for older adults 55+ that allows unlimited calls, unlimited data and texts. This plan includes 50GB data for one month which allows 2500 hours of browsing on web that is enough for anyone. These plans don’t include taxes or any fee on signing up. T-Mobile not only offers the packages but also devices that have easy to use flip quality in Apple and Samsung devices.

Drawback: during peak use of data users can be throttled back

Cost: T- mobile offers plans of cost ranging from $27.50 to $45 for one month and all these included unlimited calls, unlimited data and SMS.

  1. Great Call – it is best for overall senior plan

This plan is ideal for those seniors who don’t want to get online but they only wants an easy phone to use for call and text at affordable price. This company offers more than needed for senior plans. They offer two types of cell phones that are lively flip and Jitterbug smart 2. Sleek and modern designed especially for seniors that easy to use for their eyes and hands.

Drawback: these cell phone plans are limited to Great-Call plans only

Cost for Lively Flip: plan offers 200 minutes for one month in $14.99 and 300 texts in $3.00

Cost for Jitterbug smart2: this offers plan of 200 minutes and 300 tests in $14.99 and $3.00 respectively and also 40MB data for $2.49.

  1. Republic Wireless: It is best month to month plan

This company don’t specifically provide cell phone plan for seniors but it do give such offers that will be loved and appreciated by seniors. It provide internet connection with the combination of 4G LTE and cellular data service in less money as compared to other big providers in the US. It also offers money back guarantee in 14 days. No long term contracts are to be followed. It is ideal for seniors who only want a good service for calling, data and texting.

Drawback: these plans are not compatible with apple iOS and no international coverage as limited to US only.

Cost: it cost $15 per month for unlimited calling and texting with the addition of data for $5 per GB per month.

  1. FreedomPop- known best for no contract plan.

It is a budget friendly for seniors and known best for having no contract plans. It offers the phone service that is based on voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and this technology is used for calling through Skype. This plan is free up to 200 minutes. There are wide ranges of data plans if required. Low cost as compared to other smart phones. It is the ideal cell phone plan for seniors who are budget conscious and need cell phone on low cost.

Drawback: they are not specific to seniors only and offer limited plans for data.

Cost: smartphone cost $49 when it is purchased from FreedomPop. It offers 200 free minutes for calling after the purchase of this handset.

  1. AT & T- known for best features.

It offers wide range of plan based on the customer need for data. It is specifically a senior cell phone plan also called AT & T nation senior plan.  This plan offers 200 minutes for calling anytime, mobile to mobile unlimited minutes. No roaming and distance fee for 500 nights and weekend minutes. If you select the phone with data it offers unlimited call, text and data in just $40 per month per line. Members of AARP get 10% off on qualified plans and wireless connection with 15% off. It is the ideal phone plan for seniors who don’t need data. But it give great offers to data users.

Drawback: it offers no data for specific senior plan but only basic phones.

Cost: it cost $29.99 for AT & T senior nation plan. If you are using data services it offers unlimited data in $40 per month per line.

  1. Verizon – known for best coverage.

They give discount for veterans, seniors and responders of first time. They offer unlimited data sharing and international cell phone calls. They have great variety of smartphones as compare to other carriers. They offer plans for seniors like Unlimited 55+ plans.

Drawback: monthly plan is expensive.

Cost: they offer in $40 per month per line for unlimited plans.

  1. Consumer Cellular- known for most affordable plan

This is the US based customer service only. They are caters to 55+ communities and offers best plans according to the need of customers. They can change their plan when they want without any additional fee and contract. AARP members are entertained with special and additional discounts. It is the ideal cell phone plan for seniors who want affordable and flexible packages as they want from month to month.

Drawback: it has a drawback of no option for unlimited data

Cost: it cost $15 for 250 minutes per month and $20 per month for unlimited calls.